Welcome to WAVE Komix

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I've been a comic book fan since the 50s and have read thousands of comics from all the major publishers. In the late 70s, I produced several B&W magazines as well as the In Dire Straits newsletter that covered the entertainment world. Being an amateur artist, I offered custom artwork to customers who wanted their own comic strips and drawings produced. That idea ultimately led to the custom videos I still produce today.

I also ordered custom artwork from such pros as Wally Wood, Tom Sutton, Bill Ward, and others. Some of that art will appear on this site.

The main emphasis of this site is to create comic book pages based on the characters that WAVE has produced over the last 25 years, but several characters actually had their start as comic strips before becoming movies. Fanny Starr and Topaz had complete strips done, but never published until now. Many of the ideas incorporated into those characters in the movies come from these strips.

One of my main goals is to use the comic book format to fill in the blanks regarding some of our characters' pasts. For example, what made Artie become the killer he is today? How was the DOLL Squad formed? What about Psycho Charlie? The comics will give us the chance to answer those questions and more.

WAVE Komix has a similar feel to our WAVE movies. Our comics are intended for mature readers.

But before I go any further, I'd like to introduce the artist whose work you'll see throughout this site. His name is Darell McGuire and he's been working tirelessly on countless drawings and other features for the site. It's his work you see at the top of the page. He developed our logo.

The next question is what do you want to see on this site?
Which characters would you like us to create strips for?

And if you're an artist that wants to have his or her art seen, please submit it. Just e-mail me for the details.

I hope you enjoy what you see! Much more is coming!

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